People and Places

Credit: Aldo Tare

Many people, sectors and actors depend on the Adriatic sea.

This means that, to manage its resources, it’s crucial to involve everyone and share knowledge. From fishermen to the tourism sector, from scientists to local communities.

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Studying the marine environment and the importance of public participation

Only through understanding the environment can its sustainable future be designed. Equally, it is essential to share understanding with the communities that live in any given area because, when a community interacts with the environment it is difficult not to have a negative impact if information and awareness are lacking. Such is the case in […]

Patok–Rodoni Bay: under the magnifying glass of the scientists

Cape Rodoni is a spectacular strip of land entering the Adriatic Sea. Located about 30km north of Durres and 30km south of the border between Albania and Montenegro, it is the outermost peninsula of Albania at the north of Durres. All around, the landscape is typical of the Mediterranean maquis, with its unique colours and […]

Montenegro, the project as seen by its contributors 

The marine survey in Montenegro was undertaken within the project in early October 2019. It contributed to filling the gaps in knowledge about the state of the marine environment, due to lack of data, and allowed to test some of the proposed monitoring stations. Field researches enabled to learn more about the quality of Montenegro's […]