Policies and Actions

Credit: Daniel Molloy

In order to protect the Adriatic Sea and guarantee the future presence of its natural resources, we need to act now.

The GEF Adriatic project is developing tools that can help governments to make decisions based on monitoring and assessments of the status of natural resources. Informed policies and plans will prevent the future depletion of our marine resources.

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The complexity of a cross-border project: new challenges for the future of the sea

A project that aims to study and learn about the coastal ecosystems of two nations is, of necessity, extremely complicated. There are many elements to be taken into account and managed, in order to organise the project harmoniously. GEF Adriatic is an essential part of a process that will lead to a new awareness of […]

Marine Spatial Planning in the Adriatic

Efforts to manage marine areas in the Adriatic, in particular using marine spatial planning (MSP), date back to more than 30 years ago, when a Sea Use Plan for the Northern and Southern Adriatic was prepared. However, MSP has never been established as a legal requirement. Recently, the situation has been changing.  Firstly, with the […]

Understanding the importance of ecosystem-based management 

Our future and that of the planet depends on an extremely delicate balance between the need to protect the environment and the need to ensure the economic well-being of communities.  Our society is interconnected by a wide range of factors, just as are ecosystems. To achieve a sustainable future, the particular must look to the […]

Protecting our sea, together

The Adriatic Sea is a unique environment. Enclosed between two peninsulas and bordered by 6 countries, it hosts a rich variety of species. Many people base their livelihoods directly on marine resources, from fishermen to the tourism sector, and millions depend on the ecosystem services provided by the sea. But this precious environment is threatened […]