Securing the future 
of marine resources
in the Adriatic Sea

Credit: Polina Rytova

GEF Adriatic is the first initiative of its kind to take an ecosystem approach to marine spatial planning in the Adriatic Sea and on its coasts.

In order to build the strategies and policies that guide a sustainable blue economy, we need to evaluate the elements (both human and natural) of the marine system in their interactions and complexity: this is known as the ecosystem approach. The GEF Adriatic project is developing a model to apply it in all the countries in the Adriatic region.

and Data

Our scientific baseline and
innovative methodologies for the conservation
of marine and coastal resources

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Credit: Drini Teta
To protect any ecosystem it is necessary to understand its complexities and how it may be affected by human activities. For Albania, with its many miles of coastline, collecting data and efficient planning is fundamental to the sustainable development of its own coast, as well as that of the whole of the Adriatic sub-region.   […]
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and Actions

Tools for developing plans based on monitoring and assessment of natural resources

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Credit: Faruk Kaymak
A project that aims to study and learn about the coastal ecosystems of two nations is, of necessity, extremely complicated. There are many elements to be taken into account and managed, in order to organise the project harmoniously. GEF Adriatic is an essential part of a process that will lead to a new awareness of […]
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and Places

Stories from the different
communities working with us

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Credit: Jakov Prkic
Only through understanding the environment can its sustainable future be designed. Equally, it is essential to share understanding with the communities that live in any given area because, when a community interacts with the environment it is difficult not to have a negative impact if information and awareness are lacking. Such is the case in […]
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