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Studying the marine environment and the importance of public participation

Only through understanding the environment can its sustainable future be designed. Equally, it is essential to share understanding with the communities that live in any given area because, when a community interacts with the environment it is difficult not to have a negative impact if information and awareness are lacking. Such is the case in […]

Crossing borders towards a Good Environmental Status of the Adriatic

To protect our seas it is necessary to act together. Similarly, planning for our future relationship with the sea requires a “holistic” view that crosses borders and brings together all stakeholders. Since the signing of the Barcelona Convention, contracting countries have undertaken to achieve Good Environmental Status (GES) for the Mediterranean Sea. Defined by the […]

The complexity of a cross-border project: new challenges for the future of the sea

A project that aims to study and learn about the coastal ecosystems of two nations is, of necessity, extremely complicated. There are many elements to be taken into account and managed, in order to organise the project harmoniously. GEF Adriatic is an essential part of a process that will lead to a new awareness of […]

Patok–Rodoni Bay: under the magnifying glass of the scientists

Cape Rodoni is a spectacular strip of land entering the Adriatic Sea. Located about 30km north of Durres and 30km south of the border between Albania and Montenegro, it is the outermost peninsula of Albania at the north of Durres. All around, the landscape is typical of the Mediterranean maquis, with its unique colours and […]

The status of the marine environment in Albania

The GES assessment of the marine and coastal environment in Albania was conducted adopting the Integrated Monitoring and Assessment Programme (IMAP) and related criteria. This is the first attempt to assess GES in Albania, which implies an integrated approach focused on the different Ecological Objectives. The main findings of this assessment suggest that, at the […]

Understanding our seas: from biodiversity to human impact. A look at Albania

To protect any ecosystem it is necessary to understand its complexities and how it may be affected by human activities. For Albania, with its many miles of coastline, collecting data and efficient planning is fundamental to the sustainable development of its own coast, as well as that of the whole of the Adriatic sub-region.   […]